Carrydown. Fact or Fiction?

     A simple answer, YES! Although I agree with Joe Slowinski’s October article in Bowling This Month Magazine, I also think that there is much more to the equation than saying there is no carrydown. Given the variables in the game of bowling today,(different types of coverstocks, lane surfaces, temperatures, oils), it is impossible to make such a statement.   Maybe under the specific circumstances and setting of the kegel training center his conclusion is correct. However it may not be the same results that happen in your league at the house you bowl in.
     On any given night in your league, you may be bowling against many different variables. You may be bowling against a team of bowlers, who are all throwing dull reactive bowling balls that are acting like sponges and sucking all of the oil off the lane, or you may be bowling next to an outside wall of the building, or on a lane that has a ventilation duct blowing over it. Look around, not only at the equipment that the other bowlers are using, but at the specific character of your center. There are many things going on around you as you bowl. The things we must all do, is not necessarily look for reasons to blame our ball reaction on, but more importantly, look for ways to adapt and overcome the transitions that happen throughout the night.

One response to “Carrydown. Fact or Fiction?

  1. Perivaldo Antonio

    There is no such thing as carrydown. The oil deposited down the lane is not enough to change ball motion. This research was made at KTC with thousands and thousands of tapes; the reason the ball starts to “go longer” is because it starts to pick it up soon and therefore looses energy in the backend.

    Have a good day.

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