An Introduction Would Have Been Nice

An Introduction Would Have Been Nice by Ed Cotter


It probably would have been nice to know about me before my first blog.  I have been bowling for over 20 years.  I picked it up later in life, in my 20’s, while at Limestone, ME.  Since then, I have been increasing my involvement in bowling. 


Until coming back to Maine, I had been a league secretary for the leagues I bowled on.  Had to pay for my bowling some how.  My first work with associations was as a league delegate for LMBA (Loring Men’s Bowling Association).  I was a director for the CCMBA (Curry County Men’s Bowling Association) in New Mexico.


When it comes to bowling information, I try to be a sponge.  You can never know too much and there is always something new to learn.  I have been coaching youth bowling for over 15 years.  I have progressed from Jr Olympic coach with YABA to a certified Silver coach with USBC for the past 3 years.   With Andy Meucci, we started high school bowling for the Bangor area schools 6 years ago.  The first year there were only 5 boys representing 3 schools.  This year, with the help of Scott Pomroy, we are coaching 40 bowlers, boys and girls, representing 8 area schools.


Always wanting to grow the sport more and more, I run 2 bowling summer camps each summer at Family Fun Bowling Center in Bangor, ME.  The camps are geared towards introducing third-fourth grade youth to bowling.  The summer camp will be going again this year for a 5th year.  I am looking into an advanced camp for high school bowlers that would be a weekend in Aug/Sep time frame.


This year I am supervising a youth sport league on Saturday mornings for Family Fun Bowling Center.  I am providing the youth insight into different aspects of bowling, physically and mentally, as well as helping them deal with 10 different sport patterns.  My goal is to increase the amount of their bowling knowledge to match their physical capabilities.


My current positions are association manager for Eastern Maine USBC, tournament manager for Maine State USBC tournaments hosted by Eastern Maine USBC, RVP Coordinator for Eastern Maine USBC, and Northern Region Coordinator for High School Bowling in Maine.


I will have LaneTransition Part 2 up this weekend

The final, Lane Transition Part 3 will be up after Christmas


Feel free to leave a comment to any of my blogs.  I’m always interested to hear what others have to say.

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