Team Captain’s Authority (Linda)

I put together a team and set some rules. You are all at the top of your game. Other bowlers look up to you. Be a good sport even when you aren’t bowling well. No kicking the ball return, no swearing, no dropping bowling balls or throwing wrist supports. After 3 warnings you’ll be sent home. On the first night of league, one bowler said, ‘You send me home and I’m not coming back.’ So much for captain’s authority.

It is within the team captain’s authority to permanently remove any player from the team.(USBC rule 104a3)

I think the captain should’ve said, “Goodbye. Too bad you can’t bowl with us.” Some people just don’t do rules. Some people think it’s okay to be themselves and let it all hang out, especially when bowling. Some people forget their manners when things go wrong. Some bowlers expect to throw a strike every time they get on the approach. Come on. Even the throw-bot can’t do that. If you can’t abide by the rules go bowl somewhere else.

What happened to good sportsmanship? The first paragraph reads like this team knows how to bowl, and also sounds like the captain knows their history. We all get upset when we make a bad shot, miss a spare, or leave an 8-10 on a pocket hit. That’s the game people. Not all bowlers react with profanity, throwing things or kicking the ball return. I watch my shots and make decisions about what to do next. I try to stay positive and even though I might like to toss my ball out a window, I don’t. (Anyway there are no windows in our bowling center). Good sportsmanship comes from a positive attitude and self control. Move on. Think about your next shot. Realize that how you bowl is not a reflection of who you are.

You are not the only bowler on the lanes. Your attitude affects your team, the opposing team, and teams on other pairs. Money is tight. Who wants to pay $15 to spend 3 hours in a tense environment? If the team captain does not take control, no one is going to enjoy bowling in that league.

One response to “Team Captain’s Authority (Linda)

  1. bravo! well said.
    if everyone would use a little common sense, the game would be more fun.

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