To Re-Entry or Not to Re-Entry – That is the Question? by David Charron

A few years ago the State Open Tournament Committee, changed the rules which govern Re-entry in the State Open Tournament. Re-Entries are currently not allowed in the Open Tournament. Previously they were allowed, what this meant is that once you were entered into an event (Teams or Doubles) you could Re-Enter at the tournament site with different bowlers, by simply putting a team or finding a doubles partner and paying the associated Entry Fee, assuming space was available (Generally not a problem at the larger centers). However, if you were not already entered in that event you could not enter on-site after the Tournament Closing Date. Now with the rule change has come a little controversy, and some bowlers who liked the re-entry rule wanting to bring it back. Having run many Tournaments myself and by also having an understanding of how things work for a Tournament Manager, a Bowling Center, as well as being a participant who wants to see more entries and bigger prize funds, I can see all sides of this issue. However, Overall I think this is a bad idea, for the reasons I will outline below. Please keep in mind I am only discussing the State Open Tournament, not smaller events like the Local Association Tournament, where a rule allowing Re-Entries may be warranted. 



1)       As a Tournament Manager it is a logistical nightmare to allow re-entries in a tournament of this size. You will undoubtedly have squads with 24 or more lanes being used. Getting ready to start a shift with upwards of 120+ Bowlers with check-ins (What percentage of bowlers actually show up and Check-in 1 Hour before their squad time as the rules suggest), Brackets, Questions, and everything else, to add re-entries onto that makes things very difficult for the tournament staff, regardless of what plan they have in place. The Atmosphere during check-in before the squad can be somewhat chaotic already.


2)      The Bowling Center Management will want to be able to plan logistically and be able to plan staffing levels during the tournament. As well as be able to book unused lanes. Allowing re-entries makes that planning task more difficult, and for the Center hosting the tournament is not necessarily cost effective.


3)       As a Bowler, while some may think that re-entries help a Tournament in the sense of additional Entries and larger Prize Funds. Some could argue that this is not always the case. Let’s say for instance that you allow re-entries, and the very first weekend a couple of doubles teams go out and shoot really huge numbers – I would suggest that this scenario could actually hurt entries as bowlers may opt to not enter into an event they truly feel now they can’t win. The other thing that happens is that the Tournament is at the end of the season the weather is getting nicer, if bowlers are not forced to commit to bowling in March (the entry deadline), they may opt to do other things as the weather becomes warmer and outdoors activities become more prevalent, thus actually hurting entries.


In closing, The Re-Entry rule is one that we should keep out of

our state Open Tournament. Let us give the Tournament

Management, the best possible opportunity to conduct an

organized Event for us all to enjoy. Re-Entries would detract

from at experience for all of us. Your Comments/Responses

are welcome, Thank You for reading the Bowler 2 Bowler Blog

One response to “To Re-Entry or Not to Re-Entry – That is the Question? by David Charron

  1. David,
    I agree with you on the re-entry. As a bowler I love re-entry. After being a tournament manager for the 2007 MSUSBC Open as well as the upcoming 2010 MSUSBC Open, re-entries are more aggrevation than they were worth. My input would be the same as yours. Leave the re-entry issue at the local association level, do they or don’t they. As for the state level, I think we are best served by using a firmer schedule of events. Re-entries disrupt this schedule which can negatively impact everyone involved. As I have told others, I’m torn on this issue. I think having things work in this progression is best.
    1. Local association tournaments can allow or not allow re-entry, the association’s decision.
    2. State tournaments can allow multiple entry before the deadline, but not allow re-entry.
    3. National tournaments only allow participation once per event with no re-entry.

    Just my two cents, five due to inflation.

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