USBC Award Changes for 2009-2010 by Ed Cotter

USBC Award Changes for 2009-2010 by Ed Cotter

So much for writing twice a month during the summer. This blog as going to be about new opportunities for USBC members. Instead, I’d like to highlight the recently implemented award changes for the upcoming (2009-2010) season.

USBC embers, youth and dult, will notice that the traditional 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, and 180 game awards have been replaced with 125, 150, and 175 game awards. two others, 225 and 275 game awards have been added to the list. With these game award changes, there are new average limits to be considered for earning the awards.

The series awards have changed also. The 200 series, youth and adult, has been dropped. For the youth, series awards now include 50 pin increments. 350, 450, 550, 650, and 750 series awards have been added. For adults, the 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700 series awards remain. Both youth and adults have new average limits to consider for earning a series award. One example is an adult could earn a 700 series if their average was 210 or below. Now the average limit for the 700 series is 190 and below.

The ‘once in a lifetime’ has not been implemented yet and remains highly debated.

The honor score, (11 in a row, 300 game, and 800 series), awards for adults remain unchanged. Youth this season (2009-2010) will now be eligible for rings for their honor versus last season’s (2008-2009) medallion.

There are two new award programs, Bowlopolis (youth) and PBA Experience (adult). Bowlopolis is geared towards lower average youth bowlers. PBA Experience is being recognized as it’s own entity versus an option within the Sport Bowling framework.

Only time will tell if USBC has taken the right steps in their awards restructure. I encourage everyone to provide feedback (good and or bad) to this blog, to your association board, and to USBC. Any comments left on this blog will be forwarded to our state association board and USBC.

As always, good luck and good bowling!!!

53 responses to “USBC Award Changes for 2009-2010 by Ed Cotter

  1. I really don’t care for the refrigerator magnet idea. The patch or pin was much better. Not being able to get a ring for your 298,299 scores is nonsense. That is a great achievement in the sport of bowling an should be rewarded.

    • Bowler290,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. Everything USBC says publicly is to enhance a bowler’s experience. How do you enhance one’s experience by removing awards and making it harder to earn rewards.

    • bowler290 – Magnets are great for kids, not adults. I just shot a 736 a few weeks ago and I got my “700” magnet and a “275 Game” magnet. Now I ask you. What on earth am I supposed to do with 2 magnets?? At least with a patch I could sew it on my bag with the other patches I received years ago. A magnet? Really? How very sad…

      What’s even sadder is… I threw a 279 this past Friday! So now I’m guessing I’ll have a 3rd magnet coming soon! (Argh)

      • im 16 and i shot 299 and i think all i get is a little pin thing to go on my varsity jacket

      • Did you bowl the 299 during a high school match? If so, USBC states they don’t have much jurisdiction in the world of high school bowling. There are State High School Associations that will disqualify students if they receive an award that is valued more than $20. Due to this, USBC has stated that they will follow the guidelines of the strictest state and apply that nationally. Though this year, and you school may not have been aware of this, USBC allowed high school teams to process as basic youth membership for $5. This membership would allow receipt of all USBC awards that a non-high school league bowler would be awarded. If this was during a youth league, non-high school, then you would be eligible for an 11-in-a-row trophy and once the award was processed eligible to purchase a 299 ring from Keepsake Bowling.

  2. I just bowled my first 600 series. It’s taken me 7 years in my league to accomplish this. My average is now 167. Nice to know after all my hard work, it now doesn’t get any award as the cutoff is 160 or below. How cheap can the USBC be that they can’t afford a $2 pin to recognize an achievement. How sad is that.

    • Carol,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. Everything USBC says publicly is to enhance a bowler’s experience. I haven’t heard much feedback about the awards yet, but expect to. We have gone from yearly awards, to limited yearly awards, to soon being once in a lifetime. How do you keep bowlers coming back if they can only earn award once.

    • Carol – First of all, congratulations!! Shooting a 600 series with a 160-anything average is awesome!!

      I agree that the prizes have gotten pretty shabby. I think more of us are going to have to start writing letters and/or e-mails before things will get better.

      I complain to our league secretary about these things too. Hopefully he’s collecting all these complaints and writing his own letters and e-mails. Something needs to change already. It’s way out of hand.

    • I hear you!. I’ve bowled for years and my average is 167 and never had a 600 series. Last night I got my first 701 series. 277, 247, and 177. I guess I should look at clearing room on the refrigerator door for some magnets.

  3. The lack of awards to deserving bowlers really sucks! I would be in a non-sanctioned league in a heartbeat right now if I could find one. I just bowled 76 pins over my average and at 71 that may not happen too many more times.

  4. I must say im quite upset. Ive been bowling for a while, and I only just achieved a 700 series. The problem is that I had been doing quite well and it was the beginning of the season, thus my average was higher than normal. So when the 700 was gotten, my average was a 200, when it started at a 181. So, they wont give me the patch for it. Is there a way to appeal the rules for awards? if so, please email me at

    • Tim,
      Currently, there isn’t a way to protest this decision. The only other option is for your association to develop an award program. That’s what my association is trying to do now. We want to bring back the over average, split, dutch, and triplicate awards. As we’re finding out, that’s an expensive endeavor.

    • Tim – I bowled a 700 series a few weeks ago and I got a magnet for it. My average at the time was 208. So I’m not sure why they’re telling you you’re not eligible for a magnet for your 700 series too.

      My league doesn’t have any special awards program that I’m aware of either.

    • Tim / All,

      I just wrote the USBC Awards people to talk about (what I perceive to be necessary) changes to their program. To their credit, they responded quickly and thoroughly to my message. Since the focus of this forum seems to be related to this area; and because I think the information will be of use to the majority of the people who read this forum; I have decided to share the conversation with you folks. So as not to lose anything in the translation, I will “cut and paste” the text of the e-mail exchange below. I hope you find it useful. (Obviously, you need to read the messages from the bottom up to follow the conversation properly)


      Thanks for additional thoughts.

      I can tell you that we are looking to make big changes to our membership look in the not too distant future and while we are still in the developmental stages, I can tell from your comments that we are looking in the right direction.

      Take care,


      Steve Wunderlich

      Director of Membership Development and Sport Bowling

      (o) (817) 385-8360 | (f) (817) 385-8262

      United States Bowling Congress

      621 Six Flags Drive, Arlington TX 76011

      (800) 514-BOWL | BOWL.COM

      From: Richard Sebastian []
      Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 9:34 AM
      To: Steve Wunderlich; Shannon OKeefe
      Subject: RE: Awards Program

      Good morning Steve and Shannon,

      First of all, thanks for responding to my message so quickly and thoroughly. It really shows that you do care about your members.

      As you indicated in your message, I am I guess “old school”. I like the patches. I like to sew them on my shirt or bag so my team mates and fellow bowlers can see them. I can see your point about costs though. I absolutely understand that in this economy, we all need to do what we can to keep costs down. But I think there’s a happy medium to that problem. Give the bowler the option to pay to offset the cost of the patch or ring, or whatever. The league secretary has to do the paperwork anyway, just add those blocks to the form!

      As for the 298/299 rings… Maybe it’s time to go to a “one time only” award for rings. Unlike a plaque, a ring is a very personal thing. When you wear it, it’s something that EVERYONE (bowler and non-bowler alike!) will see and ask about! If your goal is to “raise awareness”, I would think that having people walking around with USBC rings on would do a much better job than magnets and plaques sitting on appliances back home, no? Just a thought.

      Again… If it’s about the money, then at least give the bowler the option of paying to offset the cost! It will work! I know because I’m going to buy the 299 ring anyway! I would have gladly paid my half of the additional cost to get the ring instead of the plaque.

      Don’t get me wrong… Magnets and trophies/plaques are great for kids. My 13 year old won a “most improved” trophy back in 2008 (she was 10 at the time) when we bowled on a family league, and she was thrilled to death! She still has is on her dresser! But some of us “old school” folks prefer the old school awards.

      I guess my point is, at least give us the OPTION of paying for the patches and rings instead of magnets and plaques. Then if I don’t get what I want, I only have myself to blame.

      Thanks again for the quick reply. I plan on forwarding your comments to my team mates and our league secretary. Hopefully it will help answer the same questions in the event someone else wants to whine about their award like me. 🙂

      I apologize if I sounded “ungrateful”. I’m not. I just want to make the program better for everyone. I know you do as well.




      Subject: RE: Awards Program
      Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 14:54:06 +0000

      Good Morning Rick,

      My name is Steve Wunderlich and I am the Director of Membership Development at USBC. Because the recognition program falls under my team, your e-mail was forwarded to me.

      I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with your awards. I can tell you that yes, we do listen to our members and as you might expect, with almost two million members, we get lots of different opinions. Having said that, one of the most common opinions expressed is that they do not want to have their dues increased very often. Especially in this challenging economy. Because of this, we have worked extremely hard at keeping costs down and USBC National has only raised dues one time in the last ten years and that was in 2005. Not many other organizations can say that. Because of that, there have been many changes. From the number of staff working here at USBC, from 225 to 130, to the amount and kind of awards given to our members.

      I hope the following provides additional insight into why USBC made these changes:

      Regarding the 299 & 298 / 11 in a Row: As a bowler for 37 years, you have likely noticed that scoring has increased pretty dramatically in that time. As a point of reference, in 1980 the organizations that now make up USBC (ABC & WIBC) had almost nine million adult members and there were just over nine thousand 300 games bowled. Last year, USBC had 1.95 million adult members and yet, there were 51,950 300 games bowled. That translates to more than 26 times as many 300’s per bowler last year compare to 30 years ago. We believe these numbers have somewhat lessened the importance or value placed on a 299/298 game during that time frame. Additionally, when you add less members to few dues increases and multiply that by the enormous increase in 300, 299 and 298 games (last year we recognized over 58 thousand 11 in a Rows), something has to give. USBC discontinued rings for 299 and 298 games after the 2006/2007 season.

      Lastly, regarding the cost of rings versus the trophy – Yes, the ring does cost more. In fact, almost twice as much.

      Regarding the magnets: When surveying bowlers, we found that only a very few adult members display their emblems/patches or pins. This makes sense when you consider the timeframe when emblems were introduced. It is likely that when you started bowling, almost all league bowlers used to have team shirts. Bowlers wore the same shirt every week to league and would add their emblems/patches to those shirts. Today this no longer the norm as you see very few team shirts across the country and bowlers no longer sew on their emblems. In fact, the huge majority of these awards are put in the bowlers bowling bags. Then either at the end of the season or the start of the next, they clean their bags out and throw them away or put them into a drawer at home.

      On the flip side, the huge majority of the same people have magnets on their refrigerators and/or in their work place. People use them to hang up their calendars, their kid’s drawings, their family pictures, to-do lists, etc…

      USBC’s take is that not only do we want to recognize the bowler for their achievements but we would like bowlers to display them. This way the bowler is reminded that they are USBC members and hopefully, others see it and ask about it. Then bowling and USBC benefit from that recognition item generating additional interest in our great game. Lastly, we purchase more than three million of these each year and the emblems/patches cost on average three times what the magnets cost. Again, we are looking for every way possible to keep costs down.

      With all of this being said, I do want you to know that we hear what our members are saying and will be making some big changes for the 2012/13 season. We would really appreciate any suggestions you could provide. Please feel free to talk with your fellow bowlers and get back with me on suggestions. You can return this e-mail or feel free to call me personally at the number listed below.

      Thanks again for your feedback and good luck in all your bowling endeavors,


      Steve Wunderlich

      Director of Membership Development and Sport Bowling

      (o) (817) 385-8360 | (f) (817) 385-8262

      United States Bowling Congress

      621 Six Flags Drive, Arlington TX 76011

      (800) 514-BOWL | BOWL.COM

      From: Richard Sebastian []
      Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 1:02 PM
      To: Membership Awards
      Subject: Awards Program

      I wanted to write to you folks in regards to the current awards program for sanctioned league members.

      I have been bowling now for 37 years! This year I bowled my very first 299 game. I also bowled my very first 700 series.

      I was quite disappointed to have a 300 game foiled by a solid 9 pin. But I thought to myself, well, at least I still get my ring!! Wrong!!

      To add insult to injury, I found out I don’t even get a ring! I get something called an “11 in a row plaque”. Whoopie! What am I supposed to do with that? At least with a ring I can wear it and show it off to my bowling buddies. What am I supposed to do with the plaque? Bring it to my league every Friday night? Not practical.

      I thought, ok… At least I’ll get a patch for the 700 series that I can sew on a shirt or my bag. Nope!! Foiled again! Instead I get a magnet!! Seriously? A magnet?

      C’mon guys. Can’t you do better than that? Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure my refrigerator is very impressed with my 700 series. But unfortunately I can’t sew the magnet on a shirt or my bowling bag for all of my peers to see!

      I can’t believe that a simple patch costs more than a magnet. I can’t believe that a ring costs more than a plaque. Why can’t we give the bowler the option to pick which type of award he/she wants for their particular achievement? Isn’t it in your best interest to make sure your paying bowler are happy bowlers? Because they’re not! If you don’t believe me, go here and read for yourself!

      Please consider doing away with the magnets for adults. (I’m sure the kids love them.) Or at least consider giving the bowler the option to choose which type of award he or she wants!!


      Rick Sebastian
      Valrico, Florida

  5. I just shot my first 299. I’ve been bowling since I was a youth, I’m only 24 years old now and carry a 210 average. I’ve shot 279 many times and they are going to give awards for 275 but not for a 299. I’m a little disappointed that they took all that away from us bowlers who pay this high sanction fee which seems to go up every year but they are taking stuff away from people. How can they do that. I agree with Tim M., is there a way to appeal for awards. I probably won’t shoot that again. I’ve averaged over 200 for the past 4 years and just not shot a 299. Ridiculous

  6. I’ve been bowling nearly 26 years, I’ve just recently returned to sanctioned league bowling. As I remember back in the 80’s & early 90’s when someone bowled a 700 series they recieved a 700 club shirt, now a disappointing bowling towel. Up until this season my high series was a mere 696, this season I’ve already shot 700 and 733 but I’m reminded you have to shoot 250,250,250 or simply a 750 or better, as the bowling equipment gains technological advancements it seems to make these honor scores harder to attain, this from a 196 average bowler.

  7. To be honest I completely disagree with all of you. The reason why they are making it harder and taking away stupid awards such as 298 and 299 is because to many people bowl them. I bowl a 224 avg in my league and I can tell you yes its nice to bowl a high school or a high series but unless you hit 300 or unless you shoot over 800 its not worth getting a ring, but I will say I do wish they would give people a 700 series patch or something if it is their first 700.

    • Alex,
      I understand your thoughts. We’re in this position because of bowlers complaining to bowling centers that bowling was too hard and that they wouldn’t bowl anymore. Any business man worth their weight in gold will do what they can to make bowlers happy. We have created our own problem. Bowling is still viewed, by the majority, as a recreational sport. There aren’t enough individuals that want it to be competitive and challenging.

    • Alex, I understand the point that you are trying to make, but not everyone is a high average bowler like us. The concern is that we are driving away a lot of bowlers that may have just as much time/effort put into the game as you do, but may not be as talented! For many bowlers, a 298/299/300/800 is a lifelong dream! Remember what your first 300/800 was like, and put yourself into their shoes. We should at least allow them the option of paying to upgrade their trophy/plaque to a ring option. This would not cost USBC members anything, and would maintain morale among every bowler, not just the highest averaged ones!

  8. Some of you may want to talk with your league secretary or manager of your establishment as some of the houses have their own awards for individual accomplishments. Mine offers shirts for 700 series (men) & 600 series (women) along with a few others.

  9. I think the magnets are junk. Being a handicapped bowler and earning a 175 patch is something I can wear with pride and feel like I accomplished something. I can make my own magnets. Very dissapointing! This may sound trivial, but not when you have to really work and try to earn it.

  10. I just bowled a 700 series – never did I ever expect to do this, so after 50 + years of dedicated membership, I get a bowling pin magnet. I hope my fridge is proud & enjoys wearing it, since I can’t.
    Wheeeeeeeeee, I really looked forward to a patch & a pin for this ‘lifetime achievement’.
    I can understand why we’re awarded this only once in a lifetime.
    Thanks USBC for my award.
    I’ve enjoyed watching the fees go up & the quality of rewards go down.
    If you keep up this good work, bowlers will start golfing.
    I figured when we lost the WIBC, things would go downhill – plastic magnets, whats next? confetti in an envelope…………..

    • Rick and I e-mailed USBC and were told that there were going to be major changes. When I asked about involving smaller associations and trying to develop a better prcess to implement changes, I was told thanks for the input but the changes haven’t been firmed up enough to present. I guess they missed my point. Why wait till that point and present? They could end making it worse. All of the award changes have just started galvanizing members to the fact that USBC doesn’t care. I know they do, but I’m not feeling welcmed into the change discussions.

  11. I have a question maybe someone on here can help me with… I have been out of bowling now for about 5 years. Prior to my break, I shot a couple 800 series. For my first series I chose to get the 800 ring that was unique from the rest of the rings offered at the time and today. The stone was in the shape of a football. I am very proud of this accomplishment and to this day still get complimented on the ring. Does anyone know why they decided to do away with this option. An 800 is a huge milestone for a bowler of any caliber to bowl, and should be offered the chance for the upgrade.

    • There are purchasable options for designing your ring. Not that I agree. The design you mention I haven’t seen as on of the options. I do like some of the newer options. Little disgruntling to have to pay for options for a ring that you might not accomplish too often.

      wtys, Edward F. Cotter Association Manager Eastern Maine USBC 4182 Union St Levant, ME 04456-4307 (207) 884-6205

  12. Well how disappointing is this? Last night I just shot my very first 299. It’s bad enough that I got screwed out of my first 300 game by a stinking 9 pin; I thought; well, at least I still get a ring. Now, to add insult to injury, I find out I’m not even eligible for a 299 ring! Isn’t that lovely. Instead, it looks like I’m getting a plaque for 11 in a row. Yay. Another dust collector for my desk that no one will ever see. Thanks for nothing USBC!

    And in response to the knucklehead with the 224 average who thing a 298 and 299 ring is a “stupid award” because “everyone gets them”… They might be stupid to those of you who bowl 300’s in your sleep (or so you’d have us believe), but to the rest of us mere mortals, they are import symbols of recognition for doing something that; despite your exaggerated babble; not everyone can do.

    • Rick,
      Right now the only option is to wait for your award to process and then you can purchase a 299 ring from Keepsake Bowling. I wonder if there is enough interest in the possibility of proposing to USBC the option of not accepting the 11-in-a-row trophy and using that to help pay for a 299/298 ring?

      • Ed – I think that’s a great idea! How would a person do that??

        I don’t have any use for a trophy collecting dust on a shelf somewhere in my house. I really think we should have the option of a ring.

      • Formulate an e-mail to, that’s the Membership and Awards Dept of USBC.

  13. I have been bowling for 55 years and enjoyed the awards from WIBC. Although I’ve never had a 300 or 700, I earned a nice 277 pin from WIBC which I wear proudly. I’m so disappointed with USBC, they have taken much of the pleasure out of bowling. I am a Lifetime and Hall of Fame Member, but choose to bowl in two non-sanctioned senior leagues because there is no incentive to bowl in sanctioned leagues anymore. I’m 76 years old and still carry a 174 average. I do bowl in one sanctioned league with my step-daughter. She just bowled her first 700, and is going to get a crappy magnet . How sad!

    • I agree. The incentive comment is coming up more and more. What are we getting for our money? Thankfully, USBC hasn’t implemented once in a lifetime yet.

  14. When I first starting bowling about four years ago and got my 1st award from the USBC and it was a patch. After that every year a look forward to earning a new patch. The ideal I could earn a patch to show my achievements and the fun I had earning it, made me want to buy newer & better bowling equipment. No offense to the younger bowler but a magnet award is what you give to a six year old. Please excuse me & forgive me I wasn’t trying to offend any of the younger bowlers. I am New To The World Of Bowling

  15. I’ve been bowling for about 8 years now, and threw the best game of my life, a 258, in league tonight. I wasn’t expecting any award, since I’ve already collected my 200, 225, 250 game magnets and 600 series magnet for this year. I was just checking to see if there was still a 75 pins over game award. Nope.

    I thought the patches were kind of dumb. Who has a merit badge bandoleer like Girl Scouts? Nobody. At least my fridge gets covered, instead of having a pile of patches in a drawer somewhere.

    What I really liked were the Series pins. They made nice tie tacks or lapel pins. Someday when I get my first 700 series, I’ll wish I could get that instead of some dopey patch or insultingly cheesy magnet. I have a 600 one from a couple years back, and I still wear it from time to time. Same goes for that daydream day when I shoot my first 279. Some Chinese crap magnet worth a half a cent is almost insulting recognition.

    Hey, there’s an idea … especially since everything is recorded in a computer these days … pins for your very first series achievement award, or rings for the classic honor scores, then an annual cheapo magnet after that. USBC knows to the hour how long I’ve been a member, and what my averages are on every league I’ve ever been on. They also know whether I’ve previously ever won some award they’re giving me or not, even if it was 5 years ago.

    The first time you get one of these, especially the Series awards, it really means something. Give out nice pins, or bronze key fobs like ABC used to do, for the first iteration.

    But let’s look at the other end of things. There is a large gap between lesser bowlers and those who are really really good. And I mean 700+ series every night good. How many rings do you want, if you bowl a couple 300 games a month, year after year? I know a young guy who has probably bowled more than 100 of them. No rings for you. Not free ones anyway. At the end of the season we’ll send you a cute T shirt with your old count crossed out and your new count written in. Or you can buy a ring for this season with this year’s total on it, and the USBC will give you $50 towards the purchase. Something like that.

    • drew458,
      I know a lot of bowler’s that liked the over average awards. It was incentive to bowled above your average, especially when 100 over was a watch. My son was 11 years old when he did it and it was the last year of the watch. He still has it and remembers that day quite well.

    • Drew – I’ve been bowling for about 37 years now, and I can tell you that many of us prefer those “stupid patches” to magnets. We are used to getting patches to sew on our bowling shirts and bowling bags so our bowling peers can see and appreciate our accomplishments.

      I’m sure your refrigerator is very pleased with your bowling prowess, but I’d prefer to talk about my accomplishments with my bowling buddies.

      Maybe the powers that be should give us the option of selecting which type of award we want for our specific achievement.

  16. Ed – The over average patches are a great thing most of the time. I just received a 600 series patch a few weeks ago. My average is 208. So go figure that one out…

  17. Wish I could, but from what I can see there is a glitch in WinLABs for the 700 award. My understanding was that if your average was 191 or higher, you wouldn’t receive a 700 award. As an Association Manager, I’m going to do what ever the system will allow me to do to hand out what awards I can. I can tell USBC HQ is getting tired of the negative feedback, they’d prefer not to talk to you. But it’s hard to provide psitive feedback when you offer ways to help and are turned down. My interpretation is they want you happy on their terms not on the group’s (USBC and membership).

    • Cotter5 – I can empathize with your frustration concerning the current USBC awards program. But in their defense… I can imagine that they are getting hundreds of e-mails with suggestions about how to fix their admittedly weak awards program. They can’t possibly give much time to any one individuals input.

      I think the most important thing to come out of all this will be the changes we see as a result of all of our collective input to them. Based on my e-mail exchange with the head of the awards program (which I posted in it’s entirety here), I think they get it. I think we’ll see positive changes in the future. At least I hope we will.

      To be honest… I was not pleased when I found out I wasn’t getting a ring for my 299 game. But the 11 in a row plaque is really nice. And, I decided to buy myself a 299 ring from It arrived this past weekend! So I got the best of both worlds.

      Anyway… Hang in there. I think the change you want is right around the corner.

  18. I just bowled a 300 game last week and when I called USBC to ask what my award would be besides a ring,I was told that would be it! So then I asked could I purchase an 11 in a row ring,I was told no because I was getting the 300 ring! So can anyone tell me how a person that bowls a 298 or a 299 get a plaque as an award and still can buy a ring too? I didn’t say give it to me,I said that I would buy it! I feel like this, if I earned the perfect game award… I should be able to purchase anything else that falls in the my awards category!!!!

  19. If my memory serves me right,they haven’t raised the dues in 3 years.That might be one of the reasons they eliminated those awards.
    In my opinion, ABC had it all over USBC as far as a bowling organization,but the world is full of changes and we have no control of most of them..I think there should be a life time membership for the over 70 bowler,but we will never see that.I was wondering if they down sized the staff at USBC.I AM ALMOST SURE IF THEY DID AWAY WITH SOME OF THESE AWARDS THEY WON’T NEED AS BIG A STAFF AS THEY HAD IN THE PAST

    • Peter,
      You are correct, dues have not gone up for a few years now. The last I had heard there was restructuring within USBC. I agree with you that I think the model ABC utilized was geared towards recruiting and keeping bowlers. I know the economy is tough, but the focus seems to be on gaining membership and there doesn’t seem to be a lot going into retaining membership. Most of the webinars that I have heard on various items is gaining participation and membership. I’d like to hear more on retaining membership.

  20. what i dont get all the years of bowling and we had abc everything was good you got the ring for 298 299 300 now we pay evern more and we dont get the 298 299 ring o ya unless you buy it what a joke why pay the dews i can but a 300 ring also why should anyone support this usbc it sad not everyone can afford to go out and buy a ring if they are lucky enough to get it why not make a limit on it 1 ring for 298 299 a year just like a 300 come on usbc get with it


  22. I think the stats USBC keeps is a bit “insensitive” toward women. I believe that the Bowl.Com stats for women should list all of their 700s and not just 800s like the men have. Most women will bowl a lifetime without an 800 and a very small fraction will even have a 700. And no, I’m not a woman with a few 700s, just married to one. And I think she should be recognized for it.

  23. William buchholz

    I think it’s crap no more rings for throwing 11 in a row first time I ever bowled a 299 game and I was outta town at a tournament. I’ve been bowling since I was old enough to walk and now I’m 27 and finnaly bowled a really nice game.

  24. whats to under stand bout dues going up and prize;s go down thats why membership keep dropping i am 72 bowled all my life not to many people can afford to bowl on leauge but usbc is wasting too much money on them selfs other wise where the money going to?ps will not give adress thanks iam not the only bowler that feels this way who wants to go to reno every yr? for usbc

  25. I bowled a 299 in 1974 and received a beautiful gold ring. Back then a 299 was unheard of in our association and I was quite honored to receive and wear the ring. Today 299 games are a dime a dozen. I bowled a 299 two weeks ago and about 15 people applauded. It’s no wonder that membership has fallen from 10 million to two million, bring some integrity back to scores and lane conditions, and bwlers will come back.

  26. Superb site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any community forums that
    cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get suggestions from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Cheers!

  27. My child just bowled his first 600 series. As I understand it form his rec league coach, he no longer gets anything, but the adults can still get patches? It would have made more sense for the adults to get less and for the kids to get more. I’m so disappointed and I’m now having to go on ebay to look for a 600 series patch that someone is trying to get rid of.

    • Your rec coach is actually incorrect. USBC did relax award guidelines for youth so more youth can earn awards. I would check with your association manager to correct this.

  28. I checked yesterday with the league secretary for one of his other teams and she said the same thing. She is at a different house. I also checked the USBC site and there is no longer a 600 patch listed as an award. Who else should I be checking with?

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