2011 USBC Masters – Amatuer’s View – Day 4

My goal going into today was to bowl 5 clean games.  I figured if I could do that then I would hopefully finish on the positive side. As of the completion of Squad B’s last 5 games I was tied for 129th.  I was determined not to start any game with 2 opens.  Of the goals I mentioned, I only accomplished one.  I didn’t start any game with 2 opens, something that occurred twice yesterday.  A small accomplishment but not enough to really help me today.

I start the game with a 4-pin spare then a strike and try to settle myself in.  That lasted to the fourth frame when I missed inside of my target and left the 3-10 baby split.  I whiff the 3-pin and take out the 10-pin.  It was close and didn’t feel too bad.  Until 2 frames later the Greek church (3-4-6-7-9-10) appears.  I finish with a 161 game that had 2 opens and 2 strikes.

New lanes new game.  My first shot is high and leaves the 3-9-10 split.  Because of the 9-pin I decide to use my strike ball instead of my spare ball.  The problem with this option is the strike ball probably won’t deflect much to hit the 10-pin if it’s not out far enough.  Sure enough, because I think about the fear, I make it a reality.  Mental mistake, never think of the bad just before you roll the ball.  This game would be the only game that I miss a single pin.  I whiff a 7-pin and end with a 151 game.

The next set of lanes provide me with the only bright spot of my day, I throw a clean game 222.  Finally, a positive game.  That would be short lived.  The first ball of the next game leaves the 3-6-9-10 combination.  Because of my previous strike ball attempt I decide to use the spare ball.  The 9-pin disagreed with this option and I start another game with an open frame.  I’m able to prevent starting with two open frames.  The only issue is a couple of frames later I leave the 2-10 split.  Trying to pick it up I whiff both pins.  I finish with a 2 open 173 game.

Bound and determined to have one more bright spot, I’m determined to bowl well this last game.  My only mistake this game was the 1-2-4-7 in the 4th frame which I whiff the headpin.  I’m able to keep it together and finish with a 192 game, striking in the 12th frame. 

This set was my best for single pin spares, only missed one.  It was my best as far as fewest opens in total.  It wasn’t my best in regards to strikes.  I had 2 the first game, 1 in the 2nd game, 5 in the 3rd game, 2 in the 4th game, and 4 in the 5th game.

Just about every mechanical flaw I have tried to work on reared its ugly head this set.  I relaxed my wrist, tried to work the inside release, spent more time inside or outside of my intended target, as well as improper swing plane.  I have a greater respect what the pros do.  Physically I feel taxed, but not too bad.  I might have a different opinion if I had another tournament like this to bowl next week.  This has definitely been an enlightening experience.  Will I ever be a pro, probably not?  It takes considerable desire (that I’m not short on), time (that can be a challenge), money (either a flexible job, sponsorship, and or a combination of both), and support (the family will need to be supportive).  Stay tuned for my final thoughts edition.  Good luck and good bowling.

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